Football Program - Page 7

Arcadia's starting offensive team: The line left to right - RE, Bill Hall; RT, Ken
Spitler; RG, Ron Baker; C, Phil Weber; LG, Steve Anair; LT, Bo Kite; LE, John Ziska.
The backs - QB, Rick Savale; RH, Jim Gieszl; FB, Bob Leatzow; LH, Bill Dipley.


In one of the Arizona prep football highlights of the opening season, the Camelback Spartans invade Titan land tonight for the traditional interdivision clash with the local Arcadia eleven.

It is a toss-up at game time as to which of these two power houses gets the nod as the favorite. Both squads

figure to be the tp contender in their own league and each features a strong running attack with some of the best backs in the state on both teams.

Arcadia, playing under new head coach Ben Anderson, will be led by All-Stater Bill Dipley at left halfback and hard running right halfback, Jim Gieszl.

The Spartans will try to counteract Dipley, Gieszl and Co. with their own explosive backfield of Jim Kidwell, Bob Bivin, Mike Hendrix, Steve Bates, and Terry Stevenson.

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The Arcadia Letterman's Club wishes to offer special thanks to Mr. Ralph Sage of Paradise Ambulance Service for providing a standby ambulance service for all Arcadia home games. Throughout the years, Mr. Sage has provided this service so that any emergency can be handled quickly and efficiently.

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