35th Reunion Page Arcadia High School - Class of 1967
Golf Outing
Camelback Country Club
September 14, 2002
NOTE: See the RESULTS as provided by Ron Baker at the bottom of this page!
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Time Foursome   Time Foursome
10:42 Ron Baker   11:09 John Ostaff
Dan Splonich   John Ostaff, Jr
(Richard Anderson - not present)
Steve Anair   Terry Major
Bonnie Canfield   Tony Amodeo
10:51 Susan Bostock   11:18 Neil Sweeney
Bob Frisbee   Pam Cooley
Lenny Anderson   Sam Edwards
Bill Richardson   Steve Lombard
11:00 Bruce Feicht   11:27 Steve Haasis
Russ Pertrueciani   Brian Gentner
Dave Garret   Terry Hall
Bill Paine   Bob Leatzow
Format will be a team scramble with no minimum drives. Use best shot on team until ball is holed.
If team does not have a full foursome, they may hit an alternate shot. We will see you in the clubhouse.
Please turn in your scorecards to Ron Baker.

Have a GREAT day & GO TITANS !

The team of Baker, Splonich, Anair, Canfield took first by beating the Haasis, Gentner, Hall, Leatzow, team posting a 6 under score and winning in a scorecard playoff. The Bostock, Feicht, Ostaff teams were right there in the running all the way posting under par scores.
The Cooley, Sweeney, Edwards, Lombard team looked great all the way but were a little, little bit over par. They received the honesty award. It was a great afternoon and fun for everyone. We look forward to having a bigger event next time with lots of prizes and maybe a contribution to Arcadia from the proceeds. If you have any ideas and are interested contact Ron Baker at RLBAKER00@aol.com.

Editor Note: Does that mean - since the "loosers" won an "honesty award" that it's possible that the "winners" won a "dishonesty award"? - Just asking!...
Great job Ron! I had a good time - and I think I'll go to a driving range for some practice before the next outing!
(Terry Major)